Collister Neighborhood Association

Housing Symposium

March 14th, 2023 6:15 PM @ Library! at Collister

Experiencing homelessness in Boise today looks different than it did five years ago.  Though we may not realize it, each of us is likely to know someone who is struggling to keep up with their rent increase, someone who is facing eviction, or someone who is living in their car with their family.  While each person’s story is different, there’s a commonality between many of them.  The cost of housing in Boise is a significant contributor to the difficulty experienced by a growing number of our neighbors.

Join us as we invite three organizations, LEAP, Jesse Tree, and CATCH, to speak with us at the upcoming Collister Neighborhood Association quarterly meeting.  These nonprofit organizations are working to respond to the root causes and ongoing challenges of homelessness and housing instability in our community and throughout the Treasure Valley.  We’ll learn about how each organization targets a different need in the community, and have the opportunity to ask questions and learn how we can participate in the work they’re doing.

The Collister Neighborhood Association's purpose is to promote, enhance and protect the quality of life in the Collister Neighborhood, and to maintain and foster a spirit of community for residents, businesses and visitors.