Travelling ferrier (horseshoer) makes a rural-style house call on Sycamore StreetDid you know that the Collister Neighborhood includes one of the oldest neighborhoods to be annexed (voluntarily) by the City of Boise with a low density zoning designation R-1A that has been preserved since 1974?  It’s called the Sycamore Neighborhood and was part of the land purchased by Dr. George Collister in 1897 where he grew over 10,000 peach, plum and other fruit trees until his death in 1935.

The neighborhood was subdivided in 1944 and is bordered by Taft to the south, Sycamore Street to the west, Catalpa Drive to the North and 39th Street to the east. The large lots, setback homes, large gardens and rural feel of the neighborhood appealed to many who built their homes in the neighborhood.

In 1998, the Sycamore Neighborhood residents submitted a plan to the City of Boise to help preserve this “rural area nestled within the urban environment of Boise.”

View Sycamore Neighborhood Plan (1998):