Collister Neighborhood Association (CNA)Executive Committee (EC) meeting

Present: Julie Klocke, president; Debbie Lombard, treasurer; Sarah Taylor, vice president; and Suzanne Stone, secretary.

The annual picnic was cut short by a storm again this year. Despite this, we raised $259.00 and our current account balance is $1302.44.

The City of Boise extended the grant application period for their mini-grant program. CNA is eligible for a $2,000 grant. The deadline for submission is Friday, July 6th. We will also have an opportunity to apply for the Capitol grants in October. Those are much more substantial funding sources. We discussed using the mini-grant to update the website because we cannot edit it now without outside help and because the current design is dated. Sarah is drafting the mini-grant proposal for EC review.

Ideas for the Capitol grant include annual picnic support, neighborhood branding and signs, improvements to neighborhood playgrounds (water and musical features), traffic calming signs, welcome package for new neighbors, and a neighborhood scarecrow contest. We will develop a survey for neighbors to provide feedback and suggest their own ideas. We’ll distribute the survey on NextDoor Neighbor, our website, email and a poster at the library. Suzanne is designing the survey.

It has come to our attention that parts of our Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation are out of date and need to be amended. We are reviewing the City of Boise’s template with the goal of revising and approving our amended versions by our next annual meeting in February 2019.

We approved Suzanne’s suggestion to host a neighborhood scarecrow contest in October to help celebrate the season and agricultural interests of our neighborhood. We have reserved CollisterScarecrow.org and .com for our contest and promotion materials.

We approved Sarah’s suggestion to host a national Pop Up Park day at Collister Shopping Center in September. These events are taking place around the world and help promote local communities through hosting family activities (https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/sep/15/a-day-for-turning- parking-spaces-into-pop-up-parks)

Our next EC meeting is 7 pm Thursday, August 23 at the Collister Library.