Notes—Collister Neighborhood Meeting, December 19, Collister Library

Grant Proposals:

  1. Identity package— identity as neighborhood; signs/logo, then history package—brochure, web page, walking tour, etc. Grant amount: $ 15,000 est., leads: Sarah and Debbie
  2. Walkway behind Collister Elementary—Grant amount: $9,000 est., lead: Suzanne
  3. Owens Park—small playground, perhaps covered wagon theme, unknown amount, lead: Suzanne
  4. Roundabout art—probably multi-neighborhood project

Suzanne will take of submitting forms to city by Fri, Dec. 21

Applications due: Jan 2019; grant decision: July 2019; grant award: Sept. 2019

January 12, 2019—Annual meeting—Collister Methodist Church, 10 am

Agenda: Election, Art grant-fire station, re-cap of grant applications