Notes from CNA Board meeting, March 11, 2018


Barney Skogerson, Debbie Bloom, Gerry Bloom, Sarah Taylor, Suzanne Stone, Julie Klocke


  1.  Board positions/officers:


President: Julie Klocke (this year, Suzanne to “shadow”, interested in President position next year)

Vice President: Sarah Taylor

Secretary: Suzanne Stone

Treasurer: Debbie Bloom


Barney will still be on board, agreed to continue as grill master for picnic

Sarah will get on bank account to sign checks, if needed

Janet will have name/address taken off bank account for sending statements.  Janet gave Debbie treasurer files/statements

Debbie has portable signs

Leslie will continue as webmaster

Sarah, Suzanne and Debbie will come up with suggestions for social media


  1. Picnic

Agreed to continue this year as have in past.

Date: Thursday, June 7, 5:30 to 8 pm, Catalpa Park

Julie:  city paperwork, seed$

Barney: grill, thinks he has enough people

—more P.R. on donation for veterans

–need grilled onions (Debbie said she would help)

Suzanne—will work with Leslie on Health Dept. paperwork

–will look into veggie burgers

–Suzanne will check if 4H will come

–Suzanne will contact Hokum Highflyers to see if available, and what cost. Will do soon, so can make other arrangements (e.g. Michael Shaw)

Sarah—will work with Leslie on donations


Perhaps info tables about 36/State/Veterans, and Collister/State (if available)


  1. Next general CNA meeting: Thursday, May 3 at Collister Library.  Perhaps a meet and greet with new board members, open house format, social chat

Sarah and Julie filled out form with library for meeting on May 3.


  1. Schedule another board meeting