Notes from CNA board meeting, March 31, 2018

Agenda: Picnic

Present: Suzanne Stone, Debbie Bloom, Sarah Taylor, Julie Klocke


Food:  Barney said he has crew in hand.  Debbie will check with him about picnic signs and grilling onions, do more info about donation to vet’s group

Health Dept.—Suzanne will check with Leslie about forms

Park Dept. –Julie will send  in applications

Music—Suzanne will check on musicians.  Hokum Hyflyers not available. Need musicians to play 5:30 to 8

Edwards—Suzanne will contact

Raffle—Sarah will work with Leslie, flyers

Poppy Seed Bakery—Suzanne will contact

Information tables—yes

Ok to let neighbors know they can bring own picnic

Ok for Collister United Methodist Church to have info, water bottles, Julie to ask if they  might do children’s activity