Full Contest Rules for Scarecrow Contest 2021

Scarecrow Description:

    • All scarecrows must be homemade and visible from the street or public walkway. 
    • Scarecrows must be able to withstand outdoor weather conditions. 
    • Participants are responsible for keeping their scarecrows in good viewing condition during the contest.
    • Scarecrows entries must have a name or title.
    • When designing your scarecrow please keep in mind this is a family event. No political or overly violent scarecrows will be accepted.
    • The Collister Neighborhood Association reserves the right to reject any scarecrows deemed inappropriate or commercially made and does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any of the displays.

Who can participate? 


    • Scarecrows must be on display through Sunday, November 7 for judging.
    • Neighborhood residents submit their votes to Secretary@Collister.org
    • Winners will be announced on Monday, November 8 on this website. Winners will be contacted to receive their prize. 


    • Neighborhood residents will vote for their top 3 Scarecrows.
    • Judging will take place through Sunday, November 7
    • A map will be published here as entries come in.
      • Submitted by email to secretary@collister.org before midnight Sunday, October 25.
    • The Collister Neighborhood Association Secretary will tally the votes. CNA Board will make the deciding vote in the event of a tie.
    • Winners will be announced Monday, November 8 on this website


    • $100 Gift Certificate from Edwards Greenhouse for first place,
    • $25 Baskin Robbins Gift Certificate for the runner up.

How to Submit Your Entry:

    • Email your submission to secretary@collister.org with the following:
      • Email Subject: Scarecrow Entry 2021
      • Photos: attach 2-4 digital photos final finished scarecrow.
      • Name or title of your entry.
      • Your complete contact information:
        • contact name
        • business or organization name, if applicable
        • address
        • phone number
        • email
      • Address and description where scarecrow is located. Please note scarecrow location may be posted on our website or social media.



Please contact us at via email to secretary@collister.org

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